Duque de Veragua

Duque de Veragua Gran Reserva is an exceptional Brandy de Jerez, ideal as an after-dinner drink. Elaborated with a careful selection of the best holandas, aged in American oak casks for 30 years, Alvaro Domecq obtains an intense, warm, smooth and aromatic sherry brandy that we present to you in an individual lined cardboard box.

Duque de Veragua in detail



Clean and bright, it has a chestnut color, with mahogany highlights and greenish edges, typical of its long aging in wood.
Of great intensity, the nose is elegant, with notes of noble woods and reminiscent of old wines from Jerez. The palate is warm and velvety, without edges, with a predominance of wood notes. The retro-nasal phase is very persistent and reminiscent of old sherry wines.


Its aromatic elegance gives way to a warm and velvety mouth, without edges, with a predominance of woody notes. It brings great satisfaction as an after-dinner drink.

Alvaro Domecq

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