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1730 Palo Cortado

Palo Cortado wines are highly appreciated for their great complexity and their scarcity. Our palo cortado VORS 1730 is a magnificent representative of the best palos cortados from Jerez, a jewel fruit of years of aging in American oak barrels.

1730 Oloroso in detail



Dark chestnut color and brilliant appearance. In the nose it presents a great aromatic intensity, slightly sharp as a reminder of the biological aging, aromas of dried fruits and deep woody notes typical of its long aging period. The palate is very intense, warm, and velvety, with notes of dried fruits and wood. The aftertaste is dominated by licorice flavor. Great persistence in the mouth.


It combines well with innumerable dishes, although due to its complexity and richness of nuances it is the ideal wine to drink alone or in quiet moments in which its characteristics can be appreciated in more detail.

Alvaro Domecq

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