Denominación de Origen

D. O. Xerez

Nota de Cata

Pale mahogany colour with a bright appearance. This wine has a biting aroma with a high aromatic intensity, with slight notes of nuts, raisins and wood. It is a fullbodied wine with hints of overripe fruit. It has a sweet taste, not excessive. On the palate, it is an intense, warm, velvety and full-bodied wine with notes of raisins and wood.


Great pairing with soft cheeses, Nuts and is perfect to take along one toast with foie. It also goes very well with all kinds of fruit: orange, melon or fruit salad.


Year of fundation:: 1999
Average annual production:: 180.000 bottles
Processing zone:: Jerez
Ageing:: The wine rests ordered according to their different degrees of aging