Denomination of origin

D.O. Xerez

Tasting Note

Bright mahogany colour. This wine has a great aromatic intensity on the nose with biting notes and nuances of nuts, such as almond. On the palate, it is smooth, slightly dry and very balanced, and it has a great persistence.

Food Pairing

It pairs nicely with many dishes, although due to its complexity and richness of nuances, it is an ideal wine to drink by itself or in quiet moments when its characteristics can be appreciated in further detail.


This wine experiences a first stage of biological ageing and then continues with a second stage of oxidative ageing. The first stage of the biological ageing is briefer than the one carried out in an Amontillado, without exhausting it.


Year of fundation:: 1999
Average annual production:: 180.000 bottles
Processing zone:: Jerez
Ageing:: The wine rests ordered according to their different degrees of aging