Bodegas Álvaro Domecq renews the image of its VORS wines

Álvaro Domecq’s VORS wine collection has changed its image and is presented now in a 75 cl. format in order to highlight the quality of wines which have been aged for over 30 years and which perfectly represent the ‘Nacer de Nuevo’ of sherry wines.

1730 as a key date for the Domecq family in Jerez and a family coat of arms that highlights the family’s intention to recover all the prestige for sherry wines, are the two key elements that make up the new image of the wines in the VORS line of our winery. A classic and elegant image that serves as a presentation card for unique wines.

1730, a key date for the Domecq family in Jerez

1730 speaks of the tradition and dedication of a family that has been committed for centuries to the search for excellence in unique wines in the world. 1730 is a date of vital importance for the Domecq family as it marks the year in which the sherry business linked to the Domecq family began.

In 1730 D. Patricio Murphi, an Irish farmer, living in Jerez de la Frontera creates a small wine business that he develops with his partner Mr. Jean Haurie. It was Pedro Domecq Lembeye (Jean Haurie’s great-nephew) who managed to make the Domecq name cross borders and acquire great prestige and prominence on the commercial scene of those times.

Since then the Domecq family has been linked to sherry wines and has tried to bring them to their maximum splendour throughout the different eras.

A shield with very symbolic elements for the winery

The coat of arms which identifies this wine collection bears the legend ‘born again’, a phrase which reflects the firm and personal intention of the winery’s founder, Álvaro Domecq, to restore the prestige which sherry wines have enjoyed for years through a commitment to quality and to claim the uniqueness of this type of unique wine in the world. This coat of arms also features the horse, as an essential element for the Domecq family, the horseshoe as an element linked to the world of the horse and as a symbol of good fortune, and the concept of ‘Nacer de Nuevo’ (Being Born Again), as a philosophy for facing new times from the perspective of innovation and optimism.

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