New image for Veragua and Duque de Veragua brandies

The Brandies of Bodegas Álvaro Domecq, Veragua and Duque de Veragua, change their image to tell the story behind the brands that represent them. Both brandies take their name from the Duchy of Veragua, which granted the Spanish crown to Christopher Columbus’ grandson in 1537. The title has survived to the present day and his current heir, Cristóbal Colón de Carvajal y Gorosábel, as a token of his friendship with the family of D. Álvaro Domecq, has wanted his name to shine on the excellent Brandies made at the bodega.

The fundamental element of the new image is, in both bradies, a very particular high quality glass bottle on which elements specifically created to evoke the era of discoveries are embodied.

In the case of Brandy Veragua Reserva, with an average age of 10 years and aged in Pedro Ximénez butts, its appellation makes reference to a land which Christopher Columbus reached during the end of his fourth voyage. Admiral Columbus arrived in a region that the Indians called Veragua. In 1508 the government of Veragua was created, an administrative division of the then territory called the kingdom of the mainland, which included the Caribbean coast in the current republics of Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. For inspiration, a symbol has been created that evokes those journeys and each line, one of the territories that comprised the governorship of Veragua.

In the case of Duque de Veragua Gran Reserva, an exceptional Brandy aged in oloroso butts for over 30 years, an image has been created that reflects the exclusivity of a brandy with a production of only 700 bottles. Duque de Veragua is also presented in a varnished oak wood box on which there is a map of the old Duchy of Veragua with a hand placed wax.